Team WIN.O

Francis Orange

PDGA Number: 146432 | Rating: 969

Highest Rated Round: 1018 (R4, 2022 Faultline Fury)

Francis's Disc Golf History in his own words:

"I picked up my first disc in early 2020, and havenโ€™t looked back since. I grew up playing a variety of sports and generally picked up the coordination required for most sports. I had a history in Ultimate Frisbee and had already spent hours with an Ultrastar doing my own target practice at home trying to get the frisbee into the letterbox, the wheelie bin or just to hit a specific tree I had in my garden at the time.ย 

I didnโ€™t learn about disc golf until a few years later. I was in my last year of high school and my Sports Science class voted on disc golf as the sport for our biomechanics assessment. Where Matt Drake and Brady Kuech came to teach my class how to play. Whilst at the same time, Brodie Smith was also introduced to the sport by McBeth. In my head disc golf was like a whole game of trick shots. It was a game of finesse and technique using frisbees, it was right in my wheelhouse. Then the lockdown happened, I had 4 discs and a garden and spent hours throwing in my front garden which was about 20m long and 7m wide. So naturally I bought a basket, about 20 more discs during lockdown and never stopped.ย 

That continued for about a year and half until I bought my first car and then I really started to develop my game. I was able to play whenever and travel anywhere once I had a car so I started to play tournaments all around the country. I feel Iโ€™m still at that point and finally starting to compete for first place. Iโ€™m currently focused on becoming 1000 rated and beyond and Iโ€™m excited to see how far I can go."


Winner of the 2023 Lords of Lismore | Wanaka

Top 4 - 2023 Egmonster | Taranaki

Top 5 - 2023 Paradise Plates | Glenorchy

Top 6 - 2023 Taupo-Nui-a-Tia North Island Disc Golf Championships

Top 6 - 2023 Queenstown Classic

Top 7 - 2023 New Zealand National Disc Golf Championships

2nd Place - 2022 Taupo Thermal Throwdown

2nd Place - 2022 Faultline Fury | Wellington

Top 5 - Tauranga 66 Xtreme