Team Win.o

Josef berry

PDGA Number: 180861 | Rating: 980

Highest Rated Round: 1037 (R3, 2023 Brook Park Brave)

Rising star & now multiple time tour champion. We're proud to announce Josef Berry, the newest member of Team WIN.O.

Jo's Disc Golf History in his own words:

"I Started playing August 2020, my mates from high school got me to come out for a round at Jellie park. 2 weeks and 20 Simon Lizotte videos later I went down to Jellie Park on a Sunday to buy my first disc, a star mako3. I Realised the game isnโ€™t as easy as Simon makes it seem and got hooked by the enjoyment of progressing and watching the disc fly. I played almost every day for the next couple months and managed to get relatively good quite quickly thanks to previous sporting experience and some good coaching from coach Cam.

After my first couple tournaments I was hooked on competing and have always been excited for the next tournament. I have played 16 PDGA sanctioned events in less than 2 years and donโ€™t plan on slowing down. I have big goals for my future in disc golf in New Zealand and overseas."


Winner of the 2023 Brook Park Brave | Te Kuiti

Winner of the 2023 Coastal Cup | Waitawa, Auckland

3rd Place - 2023 South Island Championships

Winner of the 2022 Timaru Tฤkauati

Winner of the 2022 Tauranga 66Xtreme

Winner of the 2022 Armageddon at Redstone (Nelson)

2nd place - Sub Zero 2022

4th place - 2022 Paradise Plates

5th place - 2022 NZ National Disc Golf Championships

5th place - 2021/22 NZ Tour Season Points Standings