Team WIN.O

Josh Love-Parata

PDGA Number: 162254 | PDGA Rating:ย 960

Highest Rated Round: 1017 (R4, 2022 King Country Classic)

Josh's Disc Golf History in his own words:

"I got into disc golf during our first lockdown in 2020 where I randomly stumbled upon a Jomez video while browsing YouTube. By the time lockdown was easing I'd almost watched every video I could on Jomez and I was chomping at the bit to get out on a course and play!

About 2 years on now and I'm still as eager to get out and play as I was on my first day! I get out and play at least 3 times per week and try fit in putting on the days I don't make it to the course.

I'm currently 925 rated after 5 events and current goals are to win my first MA1 event and to be 950 rated by the end of this year. I'm looking forward to playing in many more events this year, especially Taupo as it is my home town!ย "


Winner of the 2023 North Island Disc Golf Championships | Taupo (MA1)

2nd Place - 2023 Makaripi | Roturua (MA1)

3rd Place - 2023 New Zealand National Disc Golf Championships (MA1)

Top 5 - 2023 Egmonster, Taranaki Disc Golf Open (MA1)

Winner of the 2022 Brook Park Brave (MA1)

Winner of the 2022 King Country Classic (MA1)

Winner of the 2022 Coastal Cup | Waitawa, Auckland (MA1)

Runner up in the 2021/22 NZ Tour Season Points Standings (MA1)

2nd Place - National Doubles Championship

2nd Place - 2022 Auckland Disc Golf Championships (MA1)

3rd Place - 2022 Taupo-nui-a-Tia Disc Golf Classic (MA1)

4th Place - 2022 Makaripi | Rotorua (MA1)

2nd place - 2021 Coastal Cup (MA1)

3rd place - Taupo Classic 2022, MA1

4th place - Makaripi 2022, MA1